stock-photo-5255912-pharma-vialsPharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation

We regularly represent manufacturers and sellers of prescription drugs and medical devices regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in state and federal courts in Nevada and elsewhere, including class actions and multi-district litigation. Our lawyers understand the regulatory and medical issues that are involved in these types of cases and are fluent in the language of complex scientific and medical lawsuits.

We handle individual cases as well as the most complex cases involving hundreds of plaintiffs and claims, including class actions and multi-district litigation. We also have experience in representing manufacturers and distributors of medical devices, including artificial joints and back discs, silicone breast implants, orthopedic screws and plates, defibrillators, and other implanted devices.

We have defended manufacturers of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of arthritis, mental health conditions, pain management, and a variety of other conditions. We have also represented manufacturers of vaccines, anesthesiology products, and over-the-counter medications.